The OREX PRESS has a modular construction. It consists of the “active part” which is the press ram, the guiding and all the functional parts are located in a self-supporting structure in an electro-welded construction, and the central “passive” part of the structure containing the main cylinder and the extrusion chamber. The extrusion process is carried out in three phases:


  1. Feeding Phase;
  2. Compression Phase;
  3. Expulsion Phase.


The feed cylinder feeds the incoming organic waste via a pre-press ram from the feeding hopper into the extrusion chamber then the main cylinder compresses the material via the main ram to extrude the material that turns into a liquid under this extreme high pressure. When the compression phase is finished, the ram retracts, a side door opens and the feed cylinder brings out the structural dry material that remained in the compression chamber. The feed ram retracts and the door closes for the next cycle.