EU opens consultation for sustainable bioenergy policy post 2020

The European Commission has opened a public consultation to inform its bioenergy policy for the period 2020 to 2030, which could include an increased role for waste-to-energy production.


The new policy will lay out the EU’s long term priorities, and identify the biomass sources and production processes that should be prioritised in the coming years.


The consultation primarily addresses the topic of sustainability, with concerns about the long-term impacts and competition for resources that will result from an increased reliance on bioenergy production and use.


The focus on sustainability may help promote the case for an increase in waste-to-energy production. Waste can be preferable to some other sources of biomass in a number of areas relevant to sustainability, such as lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions, impacts on the carbon stock of forests and other ecosystems, and indirect land use change.


EU and Member States' authorities, energy market participants and their associations, SMEs, energy consumers, NGOs, other relevant stakeholders and Citizens are all encouraged to contribute to the consultation, which closes on 10 May 2016. You can access the consultation here


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